About company

Siberian Service Company, founded in 2015, today offers a wide range of specialized equipment, as well as a full range of services.

Engineers for the repair of equipment:
Baimanov Dmitry Anatolyevich and Khodyrev Nikita Igorevich

Information about the company

Siberian Service Company

The main office of the SSС is located in St. Petersburg (Leningrad region) at 3 Paradnaya Street.

The Siberian Service Company currently has its branches in the cities:

Equipment of each branch:
Repair shop + trained engineer mechanic repair;
Spare parts warehouse;
Field service with its fleet of service vehicles and a staff of experienced mechanical engineers for field work.

For any thematic questions, you can contact us using one of the options:
8 800 770 7970
Additional 1 - service and warranty;
Additional 2 - spare parts;
Additional 3 - sales department of equipment;
Additional 4 - reception.
Call within Russia is free.

Electronic addresses of the coordination departments:
info@sscn.ru - information
parts@sscn.ru - spare parts sales department
sales@sscn.ru - sales department of special equipment
service@sscn.ru- service department and guarantees

Work principles

Siberian Service Company renders a full range of services for the maintenance and technical maintenance of mining and road construction equipment and machinery. Increasing the efficiency of mining, mining and road construction is one of the priorities of our company:

  1. We accompany the equipment throughout its service life.
  2. We supply spare parts without intermediaries and time costs.
  3. We give a guarantee for repair work.
  4. We provide consulting and technical support.
  5. We carry out maintenance and all kinds of repairs.
  6. We organize a permanent presence of service specialists.

As you know, the price of downtime in the mining industry is very high. Knowing this and wishing to meet its customers, the SSC opens new representative offices, production workshops and warehouses in the centers of the mining and processing industry.

The company SSC has a modern production base that provides current and major repairs of engines, units, units, loaders, excavators, forest machinery and other special equipment.

SSC service standards

We understand how important it is to correctly identify the causes of failure and promptly conduct the necessary repairs.
To avoid equipment downtime or to minimize its time is our first priority in the after-sales service.

We organize routine maintenance and urgent repairs on the customer's premises.
Outreach brigades equipped with modern mobile equipment will quickly arrive at your enterprise to eliminate breakdowns and failures. We organize the work of the service team on the day of receipt of the application in any conditions: on sections, quarries, in forests.

Our company has regional offices and organizes a permanent presence of repair teams at the largest mining enterprises, as well as own warehouses of spare parts, so all necessary work is carried out immediately.

Professionalism and Human Resources

We value our employees, we try to organize them the most comfortable conditions for work, personal and professional growth.

Engineer for the repair of equipment: Baimanov Dmitry Anatolyevich

Personnel policy

An integral part of the company's policy in the field of personnel management is, first and foremost, the improvement of the motivation system.
Corporate culture of SSK is aimed at high loyalty to the company, as well as on a conscientious and responsible attitude to the assigned case.
The labor process is carried out in accordance with the laws and regulations adopted.

The mandatory components of our personnel policy are:

  • official salary and social package established by the legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • compensation for mobile communications and fuel for certain categories of employees;
  • service bus;
  • organization of summer holidays for children of employees, children's New Year's gifts and congratulations;
  • free access to the swimming pool;
  • delivery of fresh products to the office.


All our employees are trained by manufacturers' companies and then have the opportunity to convey skills and knowledge to customers.

Qualified specialists who have studied abroad and have international certificates from the world's largest manufacturers work in the SSC.

All service specialists are constantly upgrading their skills and regularly attend training activities for repair and maintenance.

Today we are the official dealers of the world's largest manufacturers of special equipment