About us

Siberian Service Company was founded in 2001 and offers today a wide range of specialized equipment, as well as a full range of services.

Maintenance engineers:
Baimanov Dmitry Anatolyevich and Hodyrev Nikita Igorevich

Work techniques

Siberian Service Company provides a full range of service and maintenance of mining and road-building equipment and machinery. Improving the efficiency of mining, ore processing industry and road construction sector is one of the priorities of our company:

  1. We are accompaning the equipment throughout the life cycle.
  2. SSC supplies spare parts without intermediaries and time-consuming.
  3. SSC gives a guarantee on repairs.
  4. SSC provides advice and technical support.
  5. SSC provides all kinds of maintenance and repairs.
  6. SSC arranges the constant presence of service technicians.
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SSC service standards

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Professionalism and staff

We value our employees, we try to provide them with the most comfortable conditions for work, personal and professional growth.

Maintenance engineer: Baimanov Dmitry Anatolyevich

Personnel policy

An integral part of the company's policy in the field of personnel management is, first and foremost, to improve the system of motivation.
Corporate culture SSC aimed at high loyalty to the company, as well as conscientious and responsible attitude to the assigned work.
Labor process is carried out in accordance with the laws and regulations.

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Staff training

All our employees are trained in manufacturing companies and then have the opportunity to bring the skill and knowledge to clients.

Our workers are qualified specialists, trained abroad and have international certificates from the world's largest manufacturers.

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Official documents

History of development

The experience gained over the years, has allowed us to develop its approach to the interaction with the client to achieve effective results.

We are constantly learning something new from our partners, gain experience and develop business.


Founding of the company

As the part of "KAMSS" group SSC concentrated in itself the accumulated baggage of experience and knowledge to repair and service of Cummins engines


Cooperation with Volvo International

A significant milestone in the life of SSC which confirmed the correctness of the chosen strategy was getting a status of Volvo CE equipment official dealer in the Siberian Federal District.


"Breakthrough of the Year" award

SSC has won "Breakthrough of the Year" award for better economic performance from Volvo Internetional for in summing up the first year of cooperation.


Status of Dressta equipment official dealer

SSC gets a status of Dressta equipment official dealer


Opening a representative office in Hong Kong

A new step in the development of the company was an opening a representative office in Hong Kong and the assignment of the status of international as well as assigning the status of Bell official dealer.


Status of LiuGong equipment official dealer

SSC expands the range of serviced brands and gets a status of LiuGong equipment official dealer - China's largest manufacturer of specialized machinery, along with Agco's status.


Сегодня мы официальные дилеры крупнейших мировых производителей спецтехники