Mercedes Benz OM502LA, V-8
Gross power
380 kW at 1 800 rpm SAE J1349
Net power
372 kW at 1 800 rpm
Peak torque
2 400 Nm at 1 200 rpm
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Mercedes Benz OM502LA, V-8
Gross power
380 kW at 1 800 rpm SAE J1349
Net power
372 kW at 1 800 rpm
Peak torque
2 400 Nm at 1 200 rpm
All features
Engine Mercedes Benz OM502LA, V-8, turbocharged, intercooled
Gross power 380 kW at 1 800 rpm SAE J1349
Net power 372 kW at 1 800 rpm
Peak torque 2 400 Nm at 1 200 rpm
Displacement 15,93 L
Fuel Tank Capacity 640 L
Certification OM 502 LA meets EU Stage 2/3
Transmission Full automatic planetary transmission with integral retarder.
Layout Engine mounted
Gear Layout Constant meshing planetary gears, clutch operated.
Gears 6 Foward, 1 Reverse
Clutch Type Hydraulically operated multi-disc
Control Type Electronic
Torque Control Hydrodynamic, with lock-up in all gears
Transfer case Engine mounted
Manufacturer Bell VGR
Model 17100
Layout Three in-line helical gears
Output Differential Interaxle 33/67 proportional differential, pneumatically spring lockable whilst stationary or on the move
Axles High strength steel fabricated with spiral bevel type gears on the Controlled Traction differential and heavy duty outboard planetary gears
Final drive type Outboard heavy duty planetary on all axles
Housing type Steel fabricated
Braking system  
Service Brake Dual circuit, full hydraulic oil immersed wet multidisc brakes on all three axles.
Maximum brake force 399 kN
Park & Emergency  
Maximum brake force 440 kN static; 150 kN dynamic
Auxilliary Brake Automatic exhaust brake Engine Valve Brake (EVB).
Retardation system Automatic exhaust brake
Engine Brake Engine Valve Brake (EVB)
Maximum Retardation Power 340 kW
Transmission Retarder Integral hydrodynamic, output shaft speed dependant, six selectable levels of retardation
Total Retardation Power 550 kW
Wheels Earthmover
Tyre 29.5 R25
Front suspension Semi-independent, leading A-frame supported by hydro-pneumatic suspension struts.
Rear suspension Pivoting walking beams with laminated rubber suspension blocks.
Hydraulic system Variable displacement with load sensing system serving the prioritized steering, body tipping, suspension and brake functions. A grounddriven, load sensing emergency steering pump is integrated into the main system.
Pump Type Variable displacement, loadsensing piston
Use for Steering, dumping, charging of hydraulic brakes, suspesion, cooling fan.
Flow 350 L/min
Pressure 25 MPa
Filter 5 microns
Steering system Hydrostatically actuated by two double acting cylinders, with grounddriven emergency steering pump
Lock to lock turns 4,2
Steering Angle ±42°
Dumping system Two double-acting, single stage, dump cylinders.
Raise Time 11,2 s (60° tip angle)
Lowering Time 9,9 s (60° tip angle)
Tipping Angle 70º standard, or any lower angle programmable.
Pneumatic system Air drier with heater and integral unloader valve, serving park brake and auxilliary functions.
System Pressure 810 kPa
Electrical system  
Voltage 24 V
Battery Type Two maintenance free permanently sealed.
Battery Capacity 2 X 105 Ah (optional: 2 reserve batteries)
Alternator Rating 28 V 80 A
Vehicle speeds  
1 7 km/h
2 14 km/h
3 21 km/h
4 31 km/h
5 41 km/h
6 47 km/h
R 7 km/h
Operating weight unload  
Front 17 230 kg
Middle 7 890 kg
Rear 7 860 kg
Total 32 980 kg
Operating weight loaded  
Front 21 190 kg
Middle 26 410 kg
Rear 26 380 kg
Total 73 980 kg
Ground pressure loaded  
Method No sinkage
Front 277 kPa
Middle 335 kPa
Rear 333 kPa
Ground pressure loaded  
Method sinkage
Front 151 kPa
Middle 208 kPa
Rear 208 kPa
Load capacity  
Struck Capacity 20,3 m3
SAE 2:1 Capacity 25,5 m3
SAE 1:1 Capacity 31 m3
SAE 2:1 Capacity with Autogate 26,5 m3
Rated Payload 41 000 kg
Cab ROPS/FOPS certified
Sound level 74 dBA internal sound level measured according to ISO 6396.


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