Avoid downtime and minimize its time - our first priority at service.

Maintenance engineers:
Baimanov Dmitry Anatolyevich and Hodyrev Nikita Igorevich

Trouble-free operation of your equipment is our concern

Siberian Service Company provides a full range of service and maintenance of mining and road-building equipment and technology:

Improving the efficiency of mining, ore processing industry and road construction sector - one of the priorities of our company. With its own production facilities, we are constantly improving engineering solutions, introduces new technologies and materials and improve our service to as promptly and efficiently solve all the problems arising in the course OPERATE equipment and comply with the requirements of our customers.

After-sales turnkey service

We provide full service you have purchased machinery and equipment, including:

Formation of service contract will allow you to shift the care of timely maintenance of equipment for our staff and ensures a long service life of your equipment and reducing downtime in the event of sudden faults.

Our staff includes only highly qualified specialists with higher technical education and extensive experience in the mining sector.

Specialists are trained in the largest manufacturing plants, know all the features of the technology, have the necessary software and strictly follow the manufacturer's recommendations.

Our manufacturing base is the best in Russia. Without the involvement of third parties we own all necessary functions for the repair and replacement of spare parts, control the quality and responsible for the results of our work. We have specialized shops (engine shop, repair of road construction equipment, repair shop gearboxes) for overhaul of equipment. Timing provided after a major overhaul guarantees equal terms of manufacturer's warranty on new equipment.

We use original spare parts and strictly monitor their quality. Own stock of spare parts with a wide range allows us to repair as soon as possible.

Operational diagnostics and repair of equipment

We understand how important to identify the causes of failure and quickly make the necessary repairs.
Avoid downtime and minimize its time is our first priority at service.

We organize routine maintenance and emergency repairs at the customer premises.
Mobile teams equipped with modern mobile equipment quickly arrive at your business to eliminate breakdowns and failures. We organize work service team on the day of receipt of the application in all conditions: on the cuts, quarries, in the woods.

Our company has an extensive network of branches, it allows you to organize the constant presence of repair crews to the largest mining companies.

All regional offices are equipped with modern repair shops, as well as inventories of spare parts, so all the work is carried out immediately.

SSC ensures excellent technical condition of your equipment and minimal downtime!


  • Area repair shops – 2000 sq.m.
  • Area spares – 1500 sq.m.
  • The total area of the base – 7000 sq.m.


  • Area repair shop - over 1500 sq.m.
  • The total area of the database – более 5000 sq.m.
  • The room is fully equipped for a workshop of heavy trucks.


  • The total area of the database – over 2000 sq.m.


  • Repair shop 1000 sq.m.
  • Spare parts warehouse of 500 sq.m.
  • The total area of the database – over 5000 sq.m.

Today we are the official dealers of the world's largest manufacturers of special equipment